Greensboro Sit-ins - Launch of a Civil Rights Movement

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Snapshots of History

Photo Gallery

A collection of photos related to the sit-in movement

Jack Moebes - Photographer

Took the only photo of the four sit-in participants as they left the lunch counter on the first day.

Headlines of History

Jo Spivey

A staff writer for The Greensboro Record, she received the tip that the Greensboro Four was at the Woolworth Store. Another reporter, Marvin Sykes, wrote the first story about the sit-ins, but Spivey provided most of the coverage after that and was praised for her fairness.


February 2, 1960

A&T Students Launch 'Sit Down' Demand For Service At Downtown Lunch Counter

February 4, 1960

Movement by Negros Growing

February 8, 1960

Needed: A "Just and Honorable" Answer

February 8, 1960

Counters To Remain Closed

February 10, 1960

NC Stores Close Down Counters

February 10, 1960

Picketing of Stores Planned

February 20, 1960

Group Asks Protest Support

February 20, 1960

Common Sense and the Public Safety - Editorial

February 21, 1960

A&T Students Drop Sitdown Protests; Plan Negotiations

February 23, 1960

Segregation Resistance To Continue

February 23, 1960

Race Issue Is Viewed Hopefully

February 24, 1960

New Protest Are Followed by Arrest

February 24, 1960

Lunch Service Is Resumed At Store

February 1, 1970

An old lesson relearned: Doors won't open without being forced

January 27, 1980

When integration was 'just a matter of time'

January 27, 1985

Four men summon courage to alter course of history

October 24, 1993

Sharing a slice of history, cup of memories

January 15, 1995

Lunch Counter Gets Seat in History

January 26, 1995

Woolworth's Museum to Honor Rosa Parks

February 1, 1995

Greensboro's Civil Rights Landmark Continues as National Newsmaker

Feburary 25, 1995

Rich Heritage: Black Pastor Plays Vital Role

January 28, 1996

Spirit of Civil Rights Crosses Oceans, Time

February 11, 1996

Ambassador Says Sit-ins Inspired South Africans

March 10, 1996

Jo Spivey/The Face Behind Woolworth Sit-in Coverage

April 14, 1996

Can Civilities Co-Exist With Civil Rights Today?

July 21, 1996

The Greensboro Civil-Rights Struggle Profoundly Shaped Jesse Jackson

January 31, 1997

Sit-in Pioneer Finally Honored with Gravestone

February 21, 1997

Witness to a Revolution

March 16, 1997

Local Heroes: Greensboro Four Honored

April 26, 1997

Julian Bond, Rights Leader, Makes a Visit to Sit-in Site

April 26, 1997

Local colleges remember sit-ins on 40th anniversary

February 2, 2000

Activist recalls 'catalyst for Civil Rights'

February 6, 2001

Sit-in hero leaves a 41-year legacy of public service

June 27, 2001

A&T gives museum muscle

January 27, 2002

Museum gaining momentum

February 2, 2001

Courage cast in bronze

September 24, 2002

Sit-in mural previews museum

December 29, 2002

1960s relics hold ghost of Cold War

November 24, 2009

Famous sit-in photo stumps Jeopardy! players

If you would like to make a monetary contribution to the The International Civil Rights Center & Museum, promoting the cause of civil rights championed by the A&T Four and countless others, visit their website.
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